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My Kids have Four Paws.

Yep that's true, these are my kids.

The Chocolate Lab is Beau "Marley" Brown and is the Black Labs' Mother.

The Black Dog is Beau "The Bear" and he is kind of a trouble maker, but he is affectionate and has the best guilty look.

This big boy has definitely cost me some coin in his 2 years. More than Marley has in 7.

Shown here as well are the Great Dames in the Family Tree. The Lineage includes the Great-Great Grandmother "Beau" Tye  Green, a Black Lab.

The Great Grandmother a Chocolate Lab named "Elle" Beau Green, with the stoniest eyes around. 

Of course the Grandmother, the Super Down-Climbing Doggie and the Yellow Lab "Kai the Super Dog" Kaiparowits Green.

My Friend Rick Green was their Human and currently has Marleys' brother Sam.

Everyone know Labradors are an amazing, gentle and loyal breed and no matter what they chew, a rock a computer cord or a couch, I am their Human and they give me Great Joy.

Peace and Light,