Sports - gphphoto
Do You have an Athlete, your Son or Daughter,

in Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Wrestling, Golf Lacrosse or Equestrian Events?

Do You want to Capture their Memories with Photographs?

Making a Great Image of your Athlete in the Action is difficult to say the least.

I have been Covering Youth Sports since the NinetiesI

I have years of Experience filming Sports.

I worked for Associated Press in the Nineties as a String Photographer,

covering the Phillies, Eagles and Flyers.

2002 until 2015 In the Desert Southwest covering Canyoneering Tours,

Down-climbing and Rappelling into to Slot Canyons,

where conditions vary constantly.

Allow me to utilize my skills and experience to Capture your Star in Action!!!

Request to have me come out and Cover Your Kids' game.

I will then send you a link to your Athletes' Gallery