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Desert Action Images evolved from the concept that the Desert is a Harsh Environment not only for you, but your equipment.

I have done a lot of work with Guide Companies here including Excursions of Escalante in Escalante, Utah as well as Mild to Wild Rhino Tours and ATV Jeep Adventures in Zion National Park and St George, Utah.
I have covered local events as well such as the Escalante Canyons Marathon the Cyclists event the Tour of Utah and the Ironman of St George. The Western lifestyle here has allowed me to cover Rodeos and Utah Pioneer Day Celebrations and local Cattle Drives. 
When you are on an active adventure, your safety is the top priority. Whether Canyoneering, camping, hiking or enjoying a Photography Workshop your focus should be on the experience, and the task at hand. This leaves limited opportunities to capture the moment when thinking of hand/foot placement, ropes and the natural terrain.
By allowing me to film your trip you will not be distracted when it is most critical. Let me use my expertise with my camera equipment to surprise and delight you with images from your trip.
Fleeting light and airborne sand can make shooting troublesome for the inexperienced. By hiring me you can get the benefit of my years of experience in the field, while freeing you up to fully commit to your Adventure, safely.
I possess some of the most innovative techniques in my repertoire which enables me to capture the most rewarding moments of your Journey and relive them with friends and family for years to come.